Susan Leigh

I realised from a very early age that drawing and art would be at the core of my being and would ultimately form part of my future career.The journey has taken me down many creative paths. After completing an art foundation course I decided textiles was the direction I wanted to follow. Having an ardent love of the French Impressionists I explored new boundaries between subject and form, media and texture, colour and light. I looked primarily to nature for my inspiration and constantly strived (and still do) to express my perceptions and not exact representations.

I became design manager for Osman/Dorma, a leading UK bedlinen and home furnishing company creating design ranges for high street department stores including John Lewis, M and S, Habitat and BHS,  before eventually going freelance.

Constantly challenging myself I also studied Interior Design and worked simultaneously in both disciplines. With a little teaching on the side at three North West Colleges!

Taking my inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright I provided interior design solutions for a wide range of exclusive private home construction companies and also private commissions. As with Wright I woutld integrate architecture with the landscape, stemming from my love of nature.

Its only recently I have felt the instinctive desire to start painting with my watercolours once again. Why did I leave it so long?? Ive  been looking after my son Harvey, who is now 11.

The interest from local galleries has been overwhelming and a boost to my confidence to receive so many commissions.

My life in Lancashire has provided me with a working class environment. Besides the industrial backdrop, I am also surrounded  with  beautiful countryside. I love to paint nature predominantly focussing on flowers and animals of the wild, farmyard and pet variety. Although I do love the odd still life and new challenges.

I love the unexpected characteristics of this medium but I also love experimenting with and incorporating pen, pastels and charcoal. I feel that I am now seeing life differently. Colour and form seem to have taken on a new meaning for me and want to express this through painting. I am continually learning .....

Recent Acquisitions at The Wildgoose Gallery