John Trickett

John Trickett is considered to be one of the finest Labrador painters in the world. He has won the silver medal in the International Animal Painters competition in France and the Franklin Mint of America has published several of his paintings on limited edition plates. In 1996 John was featured in an article on leading dog artists in Gundogs magazine.

His exceptional ability is not limited to painting dogs – he also paints shooting scenes and landscapes. He received no formal training in art but is a natural colourist with a great eye for composition and a feel for atmosphere.

Many limited editions have been published after his work and have rapidly become collector’s items.

John has collectors all over the world and his works hang in America, Japan, Australia and indeed many European Countires.

John Trickett’s illustrated book “Reflections of the Countryside” was published in “2008”.

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John Morris

By Wildlife Artist: John Morris.
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